NOBODY RULES Cheap Thrills

Louie Capozzoli had a poster show at one of the best spots in the city — OSB at longman & eagle. We had to show up, show support, and show all of you what you missed.



$2 shots of whiskey, $1 beers, good music, and good people are some of the things you can expect if you’re headed to the “off site bar” at Longman & Eagle on Monday nights. This Monday had a little something extra to offer other than the regularly scheduled cheap thrills—his name is Louis Capozzoli. Louie’s been working a poster series for the better part of a year and we knew we had to be there to see it.

His 8 part poster series that was cleverly released on 4/08 at 8pm and was centered around the black ball of death—aka the 8 ball. While most of us avoid the game ender, Louie embraced it as a core element is the series he’s dubbed “NOBODY RULES".


Video: Ben Petty
Photos: Chris Thorn