Freedom Machine: An Exhibition by Duffyleg

When Duffy asked us to help support his show with the likes of support good times, the homies federal moto, 805 beer, and wayward collective, we absolutely, without hesitation said yes.



The Freedom Machine: Vol 1 showcases art inspired by life on the road on The Great American Freedom Machine. Mixed media collages, hand painted tanks and sculptures crafted from the culture of anywhere but home. The artworks created are meant to inspire the viewer to keep dreaming, go faster, drive longer, burn rubber, and extend the journey

Working with Duffy and getting to know him over a weekend was a breath of fresh air. Not only is he extremely talented, his disposition is wildly humbling and outright friendly. His process embraces perfection through imperfection, accidental consistencies, and thoughtful disregard to finish. Ride fast and eat ass, Duffy—let’s party again real soon. You’re a solid hombre and man of many skills.


Video: Ben Petty

Artist: Duffy

Show Support: Support Good Times, Wayward collective, Federal Moto, and 805 Beer