Federal Moto X Cult runner: The bottom feeder build

When the CRAFTSMANSHIP of federal MOTO collides with the aesthetic of cult runner you get a gritty, loud, simple work of art.



This 2-wheeled head-turning ripper that’s cleanly crafted, distastefully loud, and a perfect balance of grit and grace was inspired by the "Bottom Feeder's Club" patch.

“This build started out with the want to work with one another in some capacity. CULT RUNNER and Federal Moto were both starting out with their own brands and shared a deep seeded love for the best city in the states, Chicago. After some deliberation, the boys came to the stupid realization that a CULT RUNNER chopper was going the collab project that would turn the guys from Federal and the dudes from CULT RUNNER from casual friends to brothers”. 



Build Video: Ben Petty
Bottom Feeder: Federal Moto | CULT RUNNER
Build Photography: Trashhand